Story Prompt Challenge #11

Conspiracy theories are all over the place, more so in the crazy world today. Some of the theories may not be too far off base, who knows. What I do know is that every conspiracy theory has a story. With motivations, a series of events, a climax, and even a moral or theme of some kind.

So, why not explore your own theories or those you hear by fleshing them out into a real story? Use this blog post to identify the basic plot or skeleton of the story. Then use the story map to expand that into a full story.

Elements of a Theory

Theories are an explanation of some phenomena. This could be an event that occurred, or a collection of minor coincidences. The explanation generally involves a secret motive to gain power. However, there may be other reasons for a great plot. The motive and the event make up the how and the why.

A good theory involves the calculated risks the extreme to which the planning party is willing to go to achieve the desired result. The greater the result, the greater the risks. So the plotters will have to consider the losses they are willing to take and how much of the means are justifiable. Even if the only losses are integrity.

Conspiracy Theory Prompt

Pick your favorite conspiracy theory, it may be your own or one you think is a bit ridiculous. Whether the theory involves the global pandemic or a secret alien colony, there is a villain or someone behind the whole plot. You may choose to have the main character be the brains behind the conspiracy, or the hero that thwarts the plan.

A conspiracy theory makes a perfect prompt, clearly it will be fictional, but you can take it a step further to be fantastical. I’ve heard of an author that based the elves in his story on nazis. The concept is what makes it a wonderful prompt. But you can make it a contemporary or apocalyptic story as well.

It would be interesting to see this prompt used for an art piece as well. So, whether you are writing, painting, drawing, acting, or creating in some other way, take a conspiracy theory as a prompt and create something!

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