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Stories from the Past

Histories are stories that have more magic than any other, simply because they really happened. This time of year is when I tend to think about stories from my life and true stories that I have been told. In Utah we celebrate a holiday called Pioneer Day on the 24th of July. The end of July also has the cabin cleanup day when my family goes to help clean the historical family cabin. And finally, I get to celebrate my birthday.

These three things allow me to think about a lot of stories and how they have effected me. Many of them are memories, but a lot are history. The choices that I make have been influenced by the stories I have heard and experienced.

Learning from the Past

I remember my grandma telling me about how she had all brothers and that she had wanted a sister all her life, but never got one. The moral of the story was to tell me that I needed to be kind to my sisters because I was lucky to have them. I think it took me a few extra years for the lesson to sink in. But I do remember from that story, the realization that having sisters do have benefits.

Pioneer Day

When Utah celebrates the people who built our state, I am also able to remember my ancestors who allowed me to be where and who I am now. My mom has reminded me of the hardship they endured in contrast to the petty problems I chose to complain about. But the stories I get to read and hear, about real people from my family history, really do allow me to see how far I and my family have come.

These stories not only teach gratitude, but also inspire creativity and hard work. With all of the incredible things accomplished, the pioneers teach perseverance, and all about success. A good hero is one that overcomes unbeatable odds, and still comes out on top, stronger than ever. This is what I am reminded of when I think of pioneer stories.

Cabin Cleanup

Being able to visit and clean the historical cabin built by my great-grandpa and his family, has to bring up some stories. The history of the cabin has a number of fun stories as well as the contemporary experiences of others. Seeing bears, deer, and even a bobcat there are only a few of the exciting moments. Exploring trails, climbing boulders, and building teepees are some of my own fond memories.

These remind me of adventures when a character has a moment of choice. To go on the adventure, or stay put. Any visits to the cabin involved lots of fun as long as I and my cousins chose to go on adventures. Where, on the other hand, never getting out of the truck, or going up the mountain at all, had no chance of the same kind of adventures.


While growing up, there are milestone birthdays that mark the progress of your responsibility and independence. As you grow older, you come to realize they aren’t always as wonderful as they sound. But what is wonderful, is when you are able to look back and see how you have improved in your ability to manage the independence and responsibilities.

When I turned 16, I wasn’t in any big hurry to get my driver’s license. Because of two things, it was scary speeding by in big heavy machines with other big machines that were about two feet from killing you. Plus, then I would have to run errands because I could drive. Now driving is just a part of going to work. The changes and growth I’ve made reminds me of the progress of any other character in a story.

Past Stories

Any story is a progression built on a collection of past stories. I combine my life experiences, with stories I’ve read and histories I’ve heard about to create the stories that I write. To think history was ever boring. But, in fact, history is what has made the world, the people, and the stories that we have today. The true and and fictional histories.

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