Galen and Ava

An unknown princess, and heir to two warring kingdoms, works to fulfill her role. With the help of a self-proclaimed mercenary avoiding his purpose.

Ava was born moments before her mother’s death which led to the ongoing war between the kingdoms of Ava’s parents. After a faithful servant rescued the princess, she grew up as a nomad with the full knowledge of who she was and her purpose.

Years later, Ava meets a new friend in Galen. A reluctant protector who is only trying to survive as he avoids his past and future. As their friendship grows, they help one another in their struggles and come to a better understanding of who they are.

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The World

The world of Galen and Ava consists of two kingdoms. Their story takes place as they navigate through the countries to complete their journeys.

Glacia, the kingdom of Ava’s mother and Nordia, the kingdom of her father, have been at war since she was born. The two kingdoms are side by side, Nordia with mountains and a farming kingdom, Glacia with a coastline for more than half of its border, an incredible navy and a monopoly on the riches of the sea. The ongoing war has taken a toll on the kingdoms, though they have been in a stalemate for a decade. All of Glacia remains distraught over the loss of their adored princess while Nordia suffers from the impulses of their superstitious king.

Map of Glacia and Nordia

The Inspiration

A few key aspects are responsible for the creation of Galen and Ava’s story. I began developing the idea when I was in middle school. I was told once to write the book I wanted to read. Obviously I wanted more fantasy, but I wanted something more as well. I searched for the feeling I was looking for. Something that made me feel alive in such a way that I knew I had a purpose. A story to help me be better than I was and want to strive for something bigger.

I also have a very vivid memory that prompted the actual creation and beginnings of the story. My mom was in the kitchen making dinner, and had warned me not to wake up my little brother. He was two or three at the time and had had a rough day without his routine nap. I found him asleep on the floor in my parent’s bedroom.

I remember the quiet of the dark room, how I sat next to him and just looked at him while he slept. It’s difficult to describe the moment well. But as anyone knows who has a baby or toddler in their life, it is breathtaking to watch the small child as he or she sleeps. When they finally hold still long enough for you to look at them and notice how cute they are and how much you love them and want to protect them. That moment and the feeling then is what began the creation of Galen and Ava’s story.