The best part about Christmas

Children say it's the presents, adults usually say it's being with family or the spirit that comes with the holiday. There is a lot of excitement and good cheer in Christmas, but the best part about Christmas is actually all in your head. As a child we have all experienced the excitement that wakes us… Continue reading The best part about Christmas


Hallmark Holidays

Every year, time seems to go faster and before you know it, the holidays have already come and gone. Christmas especially seems to become more and more sneaky. I often think about when I was in elementary school and it felt like you spent three months preparing for Christmas and it couldn't ever come soon… Continue reading Hallmark Holidays

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Finding Beauty in the Unexpected Places

I have an uncle that deals with ongoing back pain, he refers to ibuprofen as vitamin I because it's just as much of a daily supplement as any other vitamins. I think he wrote a poem once about how pain is a good thing, because it lets you know that you're still alive. Without pain,… Continue reading Finding Beauty in the Unexpected Places


Creating Perspective

There are times when reality is a bit more of a burden than we’d like it to be and life just seems to keep going whether we are keeping up or not. Everyone has times like this so don’t try pretending that you don’t. The cure is regaining perspective, seeing what is really important in… Continue reading Creating Perspective