Story Prompt #3

For me, fall has always been about changes. School starts, leaves change, plants and animals go into hibernation, days get shorter, weather gets colder, and I want to be outside in the mountains a lot, but cozy in my room at the same time.

So for this prompt it’s going to be about change. Think of something drastically different from the type of stories you usually write, and then put in the biggest change to occur to the character that you can think of. Or it can be a story you’ve already been thinking about but stink in a drastically huge change for the character.

Obviously this won’t be some form of art you’ve spent years crafting. Most likely it will be a silly idea that you may not want to pursue farther than the premise. But it’ll most definitely be fun! So as always, comment with your idea or premise and I’ll have mine up soon. Good luck!

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