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Building a Country

My grandfather has played a large part in my patriotism. As a young man, he served in World War II, and the times I have heard him talk about it, has instilled in me a reverence for my country. I’m not proud of everything our society or my generation has done. The political leaders aren’t always my favorite people either. Because of the sacrifice I’ve seen in the individuals, I love being a citizen.

My Patriotism

My grandpa taught me a love for the mountains – my home and country- and for the freedoms we have, but he especially taught me to desire these wonderful things for others. Engendering a culture of helping others and fighting for freedom, my grandpa taught me what it means to be an American. The United States has become a great nation when it stood for the basic rights and privileges of individuals. This has been a development, to be sure. But the US primarily stands for freedom and equality. These are the battles that are found in the history of the country, as well as the culture.

The Real World

There are many other great countries. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to visit internationally. Each country in the world has its own history and culture which shapes the greatness and weakness of the same. I’m especially attracted to the European countries because of the history that’s there. (Please share your favorite country and why in the comments!)

The Fictional

There isn’t much difference in the fictional worlds. A country is only as strong as the history and culture. While a country may not be a character in a storyline, the history and therefore the culture may play an important role in some aspect of the plot. A historical event may foreshadow events in your story, or it may be a part of the culture and development of a character.

A few of my stories certainly use the history and culture of the countries. In Ava’s story, there are two countries, to which she is heir, that I have needed to develop. If you have any kind of political character, it’s a strong indication that you need to develop the country and governments. What events brought the country to the political state it is in now? What characteristics will be found throughout the citizens?

In Glacia, from Ava’s story, all of the citizens are strong swimmers and skilled fishers, because the country has the ocean coast for half of the border line. Nordia, on the other hand, is full of farmers and traders, primarily consisting of flat land at the base of mountains. This contrast does play a part in the history of the countries relationship, and in the plot of Ava’s story.

I want to hear about your countries and patriotism. What have you found are important aspects of a country? I have a friend that’ll have a whole sermon on the right to have a gun. I’ve had an idea for a country that has women as the providing and protecting role, it’ll be fun to see how that develops. So, let’s hear your actual or fictional country characteristics!

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