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Horsing Around

One of my favorite things to do is ride horses. I was one of those little girls that loved horses and always wanted one, I even planned to save up my money to buy one. With various events I did end up with a horse. I didn’t know a lot about how to work with horses, luckily my first one was an old, calm horse that put up with whatever I did. I think I learned fairly quickly, but I had a lot of trial and error at first.

Writers frequently get critique on writing about horses, because they often get it wrong. I am a firm believer in having the experience rather than just doing the research on this. Because really, working with horses is the best ever! But this isn’t just about horses. We all have things we don’t know much about. I don’t think that should limit us. Mostly because none of us really know what we’re doing.

I claim to be a writer, but that doesn’t mean I know anything. I just write. Anyone who really does know a lot has spent the hours on a daily basis for years. But the secret is that they were just playing around when they started. So, that means you really don’t have any limits, everyone started on the level you are on now.

I made a lot of mistakes writing, and I will keep making more because I have a process to learn. I’ve made lots of mistakes riding horses, resulting in bruises, blood, and tears. But I won’t be making those same mistakes again. Don’t be afraid of the possibility of failure, just jump in and try it out. Horse around with things, have fun and figure out what works.

If you’re a writer and need to learn some things in that area, there is a great podcast called Writing Excuses which gives all kinds of helpful advice and tips. Some of the episodes are about certain things that writers tend to get wrong. So be sure to check that out.

If you have something else you’re interested in like learning to play the ukulele, pick one up and try it out. A magical place exists called youtube that helps you learn all kinds of things. I went there for learning about glassblowing for a certain project I’ve been working on. A wonderful thing since I am not interested in the expense of all of the supplies, the potential burns, or the inevitable shattered glass.

I have a talent for coming up with excuses, and if you’re like that, look at Learning Hobbies from a while back. We all have a lot to learn, so don’t be afraid to jump in, horse around with things and figure it out at the level you’re interested and comfortable with. (If it’s something like skydiving, do it safely and be smart about it). Have fun horsing around, and live life to the fullest! Don’t forget to comment below and tell me about it!

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