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Spark of Passion

I want to share a little about how I started into writing. I didn’t start by loving reading, in fact, I hated it in Kindergarten. Granted I was just learning to read, but I was really lazy about it and had little interest. In first grade, however, my inspired teacher allowed us to “make” our own books. We had sheets of paper with the top half blank and the bottom half with the beginner writer’s lines.

Sparked Interest

I’m not sure how exactly it captured my interest. I didn’t suddenly like reading, I did like to draw, so the illustrating part maybe had a little pull. But what made me excited was the fact that I could make a book. I remember that first “book” that I wrote, not really much of a story, and mostly consisting of the word “really”, (spelled wrong, of course). But I was proud of that book.

Maybe I was interested in creating something and telling a story. To be completely honest, I’m not always a fan of the actual writing part of writing. What I do love, is the creation of the story and development. But the only way to save and make progress on the story is to write it down. Of course, that becomes important in the delivery and sharing of the completed story as well.

Fanning a Flame

Everyone has experiences with a spark to them. But, like a fire, additional attention will help it grow. Artists began as toddlers drawing stick figures. Becoming what they are, took time and attention to their sketches and artistic abilities.

To determine whether or not it is worth pursuing an interest, consider how much it is like a spark. An activity producing a comfort or warmth, while infusing energy and excitement (in my book) is a spark. This kind of activity it was makes good talents and hobbies that make life meaningful.

Life is busy and we can quickly be consumed by all of the events and activities we feel like we can’t go without. But pursuing an interest is actually how we are able be more productive and happy in life. Franklin Covey refers to this as sharpening the saw (habit 7 in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People).

I challenge you to find your interest that sparks passion in you, and then make time for it. Develop the skills and understanding to make it a part of your life. You may be able to make an enjoyable career of it, or keep your life balanced with a hobby that you enjoy. If you don’t feel like you have time, take a look at my blog piecing together. We make time for things that are important. Feed your spark, and have fun!

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