Lessons for Life

Following Rules

There are rules for everything; driving, school, house rules, laws, etc. Anywhere you look there are going to be rules in some form. Plenty of people want to avoid them, bend them, or just flat out break them. And I think there is a little bit of that in all of us. But when we realize that the rules are there for a reason, we have a pretty awesome surprise waiting for us.

Purpose of Rules

Where do you keep your pet and why do you keep it there? Fish are kept in fish bowls so that they don’t dehydrate, hamsters and snakes are kept in cages so that you can find them, and so one isn’t eaten if you have both. Cats are kept inside so they don’t surprise you with a litter of kittens. Goats are fenced in or tied up so that your neighbor isn’t making you pay for their landscaping. Whatever the reason, it’s a good one, even if your pet may not understand or agree with it.

Rules in Life

Sometimes we try to bend the rules, even when we know why they’re there. Even when we know they don’t bend. But for some reason we try anyway. If you think you aren’t included, think again. How many times do we stay up late into the night, or early hours of the morning and expect to be up in the morning bright eyed and bushy tailed? Or study-cramming the night before the test, and planning on remembering all of it? How often do these work out, especially when doing both? Maybe you speed to make up time, which may work out sometimes, but then you get pulled over. Work hard to save your money and then reward yourself with a shopping spree, or a doughnut for your hard workout.

I’m sure you can come up with plenty more examples that you’ve seen or done and not all of them are really harmful, but some are. All of us have some kind of aspiration or dream. Yet that’s how it stays a lot of the time. We understand the rules we have to keep to avoid getting in trouble, but what about the rules that help us do things we want? We would obviously follow those rules right? Maybe, or maybe it’s just easier to follow just enough rules for us to squeak by.

Success in Rules

You can find people who don’t follow rules when you look in prisons, and outside of the social circle you want to associate with. You find people who do follow rules in society. But the ones who like following rules are probably the successful people you see in the world and around you. Of course there are always exceptions, some people just know which rules to follow, but the real goal is to like following rules.

The Wright Brothers could only break the law of gravity by following other rules and laws. So even if you have rules that hinder you, there are still plenty of rules that will help you. Amelia Earhart overcame laws of gravity in addition to ‘rules’ about women flying planes and ‘rules’ about flying all the way around the world. But she did it because she followed the rules of bravery and hard work.

Writer’s Rules

The first rule of a writer is to write. You can’t get around that rule, you follow it or you don’t, and the better you are at following it, the more successful you are. For every published writer, there are a thousand more that have that goal, but the difference is that the one that’s published followed the rules. Whatever your dreams or aspirations are, there are rules and laws that are attached to it.

No matter what your aspirations are, there are rules that help you if you choose to follow them. Hard work and dedication are the two that’ll help anyone, but you’ll have others according to what you want to do. Find your rules and learn to like following them.

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